Artur & Save elefants

We enjoy working with the non-profit organisation Save Elephants. If you’d like to find out more about the foundation, you can read more here.

The story of save elefants


The story of the young elephant Max, who died of grief two weeks after his parents were killed by poachers right in front of his eyes, is sadly nothing out of the ordinary, and is the reason why Arthur and his friends founded Save Elephants to start fighting the poachers. Protecting elephants is very expensive and the organisation’s resources unfortunately cannot cover everything that is needed to enable it to save the lives of innocent elephants, and so we support this foundation by donating one euro for every pack of Stymo sold.



An adult African elephant has no natural enemies. That is if we don’t count man, who kills these defenceless animals in large numbers due to greed, not for food, but for their tusks. Elephant tusks are worth thousands of euros on the Asian market. And it is because of their tusks that thousands and thousands of elephants are killed every year.



Neither a cyclist nor a rower. It was just his strong will and desire that forced him to take a kayak and make a voyage of thousands of kilometres into the heart of Africa. His powerful motivation to help innocent animals gave Arthur F. Sniegon the energy to overcome all the obstacles involved in this dangerous journey through the African wilderness.

Ways to help


If you want to contribute towards helping Arthur with his current projects of detection dogs, field equipment, bee barriers or even just water for the elephants, you can see the foundation and help in africa or you can send a donation. In the description, tell us what project you want your donation to go towards.



Transparent account: 4211224619/6800

Here are the elephants - movie


If you are interested in problems that challenges Artur while saving elefants, you can watch a movie Artur made on his journey. 

"I believe great action is possible for everyone and everyone can provide  valuable service, if that person puts enough effort in it"